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News Channel 3 Interview :: How Facebook can be used against you

Watch Social Media Expert Sarah Stramel tell us about the top three things to watch out for online so you're protected against these scam artists.

Welcome to Stramel Public Relation & Social Media

Clients from all over turn to Stramel Public Relation & Social Media for fresh cutting edge ideas that change the way people think. With over 10 years in the fast paced world of broadcast video production Sarah and team have the experience that allows us to adapt quickly and meet tight deadlines. Our clients have found that a concept and delivery method alone are not enough, they rely upon us to develop and implement strategic plans that make sure their messages resonate with the targeted audiences.

Stramel PR brings a combined 28 years of marketing, communications, Social Media and Advertising experience, as well as skilled group of creative professionals with expertise in Product Branding and Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, HD Video / Film Production, Photography and more.


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