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What We Do

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Stramel Public Relations develops strategies to get your brand noticed. We get the word out about our clients via editorial news coverage, celebrated bloggers, social media and events. Championing your business so journalists and respected bloggers will write about it. Why is this important? Being featured in a newspaper, magazine, TV, or blog gets your business noticed and provides coveted credibility. Even after the dust has settled from the initial editorial coverage, those links to the story still remain. You can post them on your website, share on your social media channels, include them in your latest blog post, and send out to your email subscribers. Work with us and we will keep the buzz alive.


If you have a business, you HAVE to be on the digital radar.Social media carries the voice of a company and the ability to have a two way conversation with your customers. If social media accounts are not claimed or managed, your audience can control your brand. You also will disappoint consumers who count on a business's online accounts being updated with THE most current information. In addition to ensuring your search results are safeguarded from inaccurate or outdated information, we determine which channels are best for your business, set up or revamp your accounts, and teach you how keep your viewers engaged and informed so potential clients will start spending their dollars with YOU.


Identity design is core to the work that we produce. We work with clients to create a distinctive and memorable identity relevant to your company. This will be the centerpiece of all marketing and promotional materials. We understand that all businesses have different requirements, so we'll tailor a service that's dedicated to your needs.We offer new company logos, website design, corporate or promotional literature or new packaging.

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At Sarah Stramel PR, We understand the importance of a proper digital media strategy that can ensure your search results are safeguarded from inaccurate or outdated information. Contact us today and our team will put together a customized action plan designed to meet and exceed your objectives.

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