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  What We Do      

My job as a public relations consultant is to get the word out about my clients via editorial news coverage, social media, and events. That means I champion your business tirelessly to get journalists and respected bloggers to write about it.

Why is this important? Being featured in a newspaper, magazine, TV, or blog gets your business noticed and provides coveted credibility. Even after the dust has settled from editorial coverage and the buzz dies down, those links to the story still remain. You can post them on your website, share on social media, and include them in your latest blog post. We Keep The Buzz Alive....

You know you need to be on social media, but with all of the options out there, it’s not your fault you don’t know which way to turn. You are definitely NOT alone.

Stramel PR & Social Media can determine which channels are best for your business, set up your accounts, and then teach you how keep your viewers engaged and informed – so potential clients will start spending their dollars with YOU..

For a limited time, Sarah Stramel is now offering Introductory NEW CLIENT DISCOUNTS on social media starter packages and custom designed websites.

Web Sites & Search Engine Optimization   SEO

Our uniquely talented web-design artists and programmer are equipped to facilitate our client's new design, re-design, and web maintenance needs. Our staff is fast and knowledgeable with portfolios reflecting a wide variety of design and style.

If you have a fast-approaching launch date and aren't sure if you can make it, don't worry! We work under tight deadlines every day and we never compromise function or design.

Additionally, our artists have the advantage of working with an in-house tech support to help in implementing the design into the back-end programming. Our teams work closely together achieving a total balance of form and function.

Research is a very important task that has to be completed before the design of any web site. Knowing your competition will help us design a better web site. We have to improve on what they are doing well, and eliminate or change what they are doing wrong. And then, we have to plan for your goals as a business.

Search Engine Optimization - The easy-to-access content of your web site is great for search engines, which means improved rankings and more visitors!
Easier Maintenance - W3C Compliant web sites have a long self-life, so they won't have to be re-written over and over because of mistakes and bad code.

Maximize Visitors - Visitors now access the Internet from a plethora of devices and systems. It's not an Internet Explorer world anymore.


Branding & Creative Design

Identity design is core to the work that we produce - we’ll work with you to create a distinctive and memorable identity that’s relevant to your company and put it at the heart of your
marketing and promotional materials.

Over the years we have gained experience in many different design disciplines and now offer a fully integrated design service. We understand that all businesses have different requirements,
so we’ll tailor a service that’s dedicated to your needs.

Whether it be a new company logo, a website design, corporate or promotional literature or new packaging or range extension -you only need to use the services you require.

Whatever your design requirement we will produce design work that
is a vital investment in the future of your business.

  • Logo and corporate identity design
  • Brand identity and packaging design
  • Website design
  • Brochure and literature design
  • Point of sale and promotions
  • Retail and signage design
  • Experiential design
  • Exhibition design
  • Advertising


We are fortunate to have a Top Notch Video Director / Editor on the Stramel PR Team

With over 15 years of experience as a Photographer, Director and Editor, working with national and international brands and recording artist. From High End Company Promotional Videos to Music Videos. All utilizing the latest technology and a unique creative concepts and looks.

Award Winning HD/UHD Video & Multimedia Production Services
Film and Edit your next production in High Definition . The latest UHD Video yields very high quality and is more affordable than traditional high definition formats.

Award Winning Blue-Ray, DVD Production Services & On Demand Digital Content Delivery
We offer a full HD DVD production services. Whether it is authoring, project management or replication, we can give you the solutions to meet your entertainment, marketing, corporate, and exhibition media delivery system requirements.






"Sarah Stramel is exceptionally savvy with all facets of social media marketing and has impressive public relations connections. She offers personal concierge type service suitable for small to midsize business wishing to ramp up their efforts in these two areas. She comes highly recommended.”

- Josh Hammond, Buster’s Liquors & Wines


This is simple, if you're not using Sarah and Stramel PR, you're missing out. What Sarah has done for our business is phenomenal!!

We have reaped the benefits 50 fold in everything Sarah does for us. Having Sarah on our team is one of the best things we every did for our business. Thank you Sarah, it would not be the same without you!!!

-Stewart Wingate
Partner, Belly Acres